Do you think Howard Street will be a successful redevelopment?

With the light rail as the Hub of the old trendy shopping district for Baltimore city, it can create a danger for the success of the this entire development as a business/community hang out-

The only hang out I see is the Planned Parenthood Marchers, which detours me and a lot of people wanting to engage- other then that it is the transplantation hub. transportation hubs are ‘Issued spots”. I read about that over on Northern Pkwy and Harford rd and that is less dense.

Non the less there is already a lot of movement in the area. Mulberry developments, large apt buildings being built. Lexington market was bought to be fixed up and to run the drug dealers out.  Univ of Md, Bio park and colleges all right in around that are pushing for this entire area to improve. It is my understanding the Government owned high rises and garden apts on MLK have been bought and will be redeveloped….. it is on the rise to something good. I have a shell for sale on paca in this very area. I have a turnkey rental for sale in this very area. We all need to buy and hold good tenants in this area to support demographics.

Should it be shopping? I don’t think so, I think it needs to be office, industries for employees to live and work near there office.  A lot is being bought around this area for the greater good of this city. We desperately need out Mayor to bring industry to our city. We are such a creative dynamic bunch of HUNs!!!

Here is an article I found

I would love to hear what you have to say. Development, industry and redeveloping to improve areas for family positive growth gets me super excited. I have a lot more article too- please look at my website on listings- it will share some great information!!


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